"Australian National Swimmers Strength Training Programs Revealed

...Their Secret To Getting Ripped, Lean And Powerful!"

  • Build strength and improve power so that you swim with speed and don’t get left behind
  • Increase muscle endurance so you can swim lap after lap and still feel fresh
  • Have the correct technique so you avoid an injury that could puts you out of action for months

Fellow swimmers and triathletes,

Imagine if you had access to the strength and conditioning program of elite swimmers. If you could uncover the exact exercises that build lean and powerful ‘swimming muscles‘, imagine how your swimming would improve.

My name is Brenton Ford, I’m an Australian national coach with numerous national and world record holders in Master’s swimming. I’ve helped hundreds of swimmers improve their times and technique. Now I want to help you get to the next level in your swimming with the latest in swimming strength training.

“These are the same strength workouts we do in training on a regular basis. They’re highly effective and get results much quicker than your standard strength exercises”
Jeremy Saunders, Australian National Swimmer

After training with one of Australia’s top squads (with 3 Olympians) for five days I realized how quickly you can improve by using these exercises.

I had flown up to the Gold Coast on Australia’s north-east coast to visit a good friend, Sam Ashby. I trained with his squad for 5 days and learned a very important lesson. Do what successful people do, get what successful people get.

In this case, I did the same strength exercises they were doing. By the end of the 5 days I was swimming faster and feeling much stronger in the water.

I then asked another friend who trains in an elite swim squad, “What strength exercises do you do?” After mentioning the exercises I learned on the Gold Coast he replied “We do the same exercises”.

Your Shortcut To A Toned Swimmer’s Physique

The top swimmers are doing a specific strength program, which very few people know about. The only way you could learn these exercises would be to sneak into one of their training sessions (not easy to do!).

Some people will swim for years and not become stronger or lose weight. While other swimmers are becoming toned, shedding weight and getting the swimmers physique many aspire for…it doesn’t happen for everyone. Most elite coaches can tell you why it happens, but will never openly admit it.

Becoming strong and toned without strength training is like driving a car with with no accelerator pedal. You might get moving but you will never get to where you want to quickly.

It’s common to hear stories of swimmers and triathletes hitting a ‘plateau’. They can’t get faster, no matter how hard or how much they train. You question yourself if all the pain and hard work is worth it. It’s the fork in the road. Do you give up now and stay the same forever, or do you look for the thing which will take you to the next level?

LikeStrapping A Motorboat To Your Backside

Imagine three years down the track, a friend asks you how your swimming is going. How would you feel explaining to them your times have not improved after hundreds of training sessions and countless hours in the pool? Strength workouts are the component most swimmers are missing from their training.

Injuries happen often when swimmers ‘hit the gym’ without a program or any guidance. Just like swimming technique, strength training technique is vitally important. Even more so if you want to avoid injuring yourself.

I know the pain of being injured. Being outcast from your training buddies because you can’t keep up. Injury holds you back and makes life miserable. People don’t slow down to compensate for your injury. That’s why you need the right strength program that won’t risk injury.

Before you accept this as true, think back to your last swim session. If you experienced these feelings, Swim Gym Pro could be what you need.

  • If you feel completely exhausted after a few laps, Swim Gym Pro is for you.
  • If your arms give up before your mind does, Swim Gym Pro is for you.
  • If you want the build and tone of an elite swimmer, Swim Gym Pro is for you.
  • If you are short on time, struggling to squeeze exercise in your day, Swim Gym Pro is for you.

The exercises you will learn in the program are exactly what the Australian swim squads are doing right now. The only way to learn them is to qualify for one of the squads…or you can get access to them right now.

Elite swimming squads spend thousands of dollars on staying up to date with the latest in strength training. They spend countless hours testing and tweaking workouts to get the biggest benefit. It’s a painstakingly slow process, and it’s not for the impatient. Luckily we have taken all the testing and got the best exercises that build muscle quickly and get results.

We packed the best of swimming strength training into Swim Gym Pro. For a limited time you can get them for much less than the thousands of dollars that elite swim clubs are spending.

You can get the entire online video program for only $47.

You will also have the option to get a 30 day risk-free trial to SwimDomination, our new private coaching group where we reveal the latest in swimming drills, technique and workouts. Perfect for swimmers and triathletes who want to supercharge their swimming.

Act now and start swimming faster today. This could be what your swim program is missing.

Best regards,

Brenton Ford
Australian National Championship Coach

P.S – Remember this may not be available for much longer. Once more than 100 people have this product I’ll be taking down this offer. Get your copy now!

P.P.S – If your swimming hasn’t improved recently, Swim Gym Pro could be the thing you need to get to the next level

Only $47!

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